Welcome to Zero to Hero! 


We are a group of friends with young families living in a small north-east Scotland town, seeking to lessen our impact on the environment and sharing our experiences and tips as we go. 

Follow our journey as we make the changes in adopting a Zero Waste and sustainable lifestyle.

On the website you will find practical information as well as recipes and tutorials on how to make the changes and become a Zero Waste Hero!!

Zero to Hero’ is a group committed to:


Reducing the environmental impact of its members (particularly reducing waste)


Setting up outreach initiatives and events to the wider community


Raising awareness of environmental issues via social media


Lobbying parliament and industry regarding such issues

The group was formed in response to the IPCC’s special report outlining the key impacts of human activity on the planet’s health, the changes we can make to reduce those impacts, and a ‘Twelve-years to save the planet’ ultimatum should we fail to limit global warming to 1.5C.

The IPCC co-chair Dr Debra Roberts said that while industry played a massive part, we as individuals can also do our bit:

  • buy less meat, milk, cheese and butter and more locally sourced seasonal food – and throw less of it away
  • drive electric cars but walk or cycle short distances
  • take trains and buses instead of planes
  • use video conferencing instead of business travel
  • use a washing line instead of a tumble dryer
  • insulate homes
  • demand low carbon in every consumer product

As a group we would also add to that:

  • work towards a zero waste lifestyle
  • pick up plastic from your immediatate environment
  • install solar panels on your home

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