I’m starting to get into the Festive Spirit! The Christmas lights have just gone up in our wee village and the nights are drawing in. For me, the winters cold nights are the perfect excuse for wrapping up beside the fire, drinking hot cocoa and delighting in crafts.

With Christmas fastly approaching get cosy and crafty with these DIY  recycled decorations.

1. Christmas Stars

I made these charming folded stars from old Weleda Catalogues but they can be made from any waste paper that you have; newspaper, magazines, sheet music, junk mail etc.

This 5 pointed origami star is wonderfully easy to make and is really effective! Add a bit of string or ribbon to hang from the tree, or several together make a great bunting reel. Last year I also attached them to folded card for unique Christmas cards.

Fancy giving it a go? Check out the tutorial from homemade-gifts-made-easy.com



2. Bottle Cork Elves

Super cute and easy to make – these bottle cork elves are also perfect for your little ones to get involved in making.

My wonderfully talented sister in law made these guys for her school Christmas Fair. A sewn fabric triangle creates the perfect pixie hat and tied on rectangle transforms your cork into a fun caped, festive friend. Finish your creation by drawing on the detail by adding a face and buttons.

You can display them as they are or add a string of ribbon or wool to make them into tree decorations.

3. Rag Wreath

This is a very simple eco twist on a Christmas Classic. Use scrap fabric, soft plastics (like bags and crisp packets) or  scrap wool and get tying. Mix and match textures and colours to make a statement piece for your home or create a unique gift for friends and family.

I love this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess – TRICKS + TREATS: AUTUMN FABRIC WREATH 

Just change up the colours of your fabric to bring a Christmas festive vibe.


4. Coiled Magazine Tree Decorations

Put those junk mail catalogues and old magazines to good use and make your own paper stars, trees and whatever else takes your fancy! This is a highly versatile craft and your imagination is the only limit to what you can make. You may find at the beginning that this is quite tricky but once you get into it, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you become a paper folding, twisting machine!

I find it easier if you use thinner paper such as magazines or letter box catalogues. If you are very careful with unwrapping your gifts, then you could even re-use any wrapping paper that you receive this year as a  basis for next years crafting. Use your creations as tree decorations, Christmas cards or gift toppers.

Love Creations have a great tutorial if you fancy trying it for yourself:



5. Paper Christmas Tree

Sammy from Sea no Waste (Angus based Zero Waste Store) , has shared a lovely tutorial video on how to make these gorgeously easy Paper waste Christmas Trees.

Although I personally love the simple look of the paper tree, why not add home-made mini decorations such as wool garlands, pom poms and scrap paper cut-outs to really give the glitzy Christmas feel? Just remember not to add your usual glitter as this is a micro-plastic nightmare.

Still love the sparkly stuff? Then check out these Ethical, biodegradable and plastic free alternatives:


Click here to watch her Live Facebook tutorial: Sea no Waste Christmas Tree




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