Dom Jackson tragically lost his life during a kayak trip on the Moray coast in 2016. He was passionate about the environment and in particular ocean clean up. On trips to the beach he would always take away and recycle some rubbish, in order to prevent non-degradable plastics ending up in the ocean and potentially harming wildlife. He was also a fan of the classic beanie hat!
During the search for Dom we visited Kingston beach and found it to be particularly strewn with rubbish. We also chose this beach as a gesture to the local community along the Moray coast who reached out so positively during that awful week.
We had amazing support from our local Surfers Against Sewage rep, Amy. The organisation allowed us to borrow their Beach Clean Kit and offered up their support and experience to help make the day a great success.

The Result!

330 Bottles & Cans
20 Bin bags of general waste
Various larger items including 6 tyres & scrap metal.
Sadly, even after hours of clearing, the beach remained strewn with debris and litter, a reminder that we must make the changes in our daily lives and challenge the way in which we produce and dispose of our waste.
If you are interested in organising your own Beach Clean event follow the link to find out more from Surfers against Sewage.

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