The majority of our bathroom waste can be widely recycled – toilet roll tubes, shampoo & cleaning products bottles etc. Have a recycling bin in the bathroom.


If you have a zero waste shop in your area you can take your empty shampoo bottles and cleaning products containers to be refilled – often cheaper than buying new!  Alternatively try shampoo bars like this one available from Big Green Smile


Consumer Power

Consider the products you’re buying and if the packaging can be recycled

Make up routine

Use your own homemade cotton pads instead of disposable wipes, or buy environmentally-friendly bamboo alternatives
When it comes to make-up and other cosmetics its worth taking the Natrue certification into consideration.

The NATRUE Label sets a high standard when it comes to defining the naturalness of cosmetic products. It helps consumers identify Natural and Organic Cosmetics truly worthy of that name, by only allowing products that have

  • Natural ingredients
  • Derived natural ingredients
  • Nature-identical ingredients

To find out which Brands carry the Natrue Label click the link below:

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