Although DIY projects can be few and far between, they can almost fill a wheelie bin or a car boot load with the left-over waste generated.

When planning a DIY project, first consider what materials you already have at your disposal, e.g. old used timber such as pallets and fencing panels can add a great touch of ‘shabby chic’ to your project if used the right way.

Buy Smart

Always consider buying second hand from Gumtree or Facebay for the materials you will need, from whole bathrooms to flooring to screws and nails.  It will be a fraction of the price of buying new, and although used is often still in great condition.  We once went to see a kitchen on Gumtree which, at £500 was about 1/10th the price of new; the owners had just moved in, and didn’t like the kitchen which had been fitted a few weeks previous to sell the house, it was immaculate and the listing included all white goods!  By buying & selling used materials, you’ll be:

  1. Saving money
  2. saving those items from landfill
  3. reducing the strain on the environment of production of new materials.
  4. A bonus – you will be engaging with the local community and might hit it off with a new friend!

Think outside the box

The old ladder that’s been sitting unused in the shed for years can be upcycled as book shelves, or a chair hung upside down and back to front makes for a great towel rack & shelf combo for the bathroom!  Search on Ecosia or Pinterest for ideas based on your requirements or materials available.

Stock, Sell, Give

If you have left over materials from a job, consider keeping any larger or better quality pieces for a future project.  What you can’t keep or when clearing out, always consider selling or giving up the items on Gumtree or Facebay to save it from landfill – you’d be surprised how your junk may be another’s treasure!

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